APhA Political Leadership Reception

APhA Political Leadership Reception: Pharmacists Driving Political Change
Friday, March 27
5:00 pm
–7:00 pm
Convention Center, Center Terrace
Ticket required*
$40 Member/Non-Member
Student PharmacistMember/Non-Member

Come and join your fellow pharmacists at the APhA2015 Political Leadership Reception. Network with leaders both inside and outside of APhA and learn how you can help acheive provider status through your advocacy efforts!

*Reception Tickets are available with registration or at the Government Affairs booth.

For pharmacists interested in sponsoring student attendance:

  • Tickets may be purchased with registration for APhA2015 under additional offerings, listed as Sponsored Student Ticket.
  • Tickets may also be purchased at the Government Affairs booth.
  • Tickets can be designated for specific students, schools, states, or can go to any student, depending on sponsor preference.
  • Sponsors may also elect to distribute purchased student tickets themselves.
  • Tickets purchased by APhA members who use personal funds support the APhA-PAC. Tickets purchased by non-APhA members or from corporate accounts support the Political Education Fund.

For students seeking sponsorship:

  • Complete a Leadership Reception registration form (available at the Government Affairs booth).
  • If tickets are available, the student will be given an envelope containing the ticket and sponsor name.
  • Students will be able to pick up the tickets at the registration booth, at the door of the event, or the tickets can be distributed to them by the sponsor.
  • Once a ticket is distributed, APhA staff will encourage the student to contact the sponsor to relay their gratitude.

Proceeds benefit the APhA Political Action Committee and the APhA Political Education Fund.









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